Crystal Vanner
Crystal Vanner

Welcome to The VFFSC

a safe and social community for all nomads


Hello, I'm Crystal Vanner. Since starting my YouTube channel in 2015 and documenting my nomadic van life, I've been fortunate enough to find and build a community and as that community continues to grow, I wanted to do something MORE for them. I appreciate all of my Vanner Fanner Family (VFF) members and they deserve to get even MORE via their very own social community, And so here we are!

Why You Should Join Us

Joining the Vanner Fanner Family Social Community (The VFFSC) is a supportive and safe place for nomads and/or supporters of the nomadic lifestyle looking to really connect with a community of like minded people, to build, grow, learn, and help along the nomadic, or life in general, journey. Let's support, uplift, & encourage each other!

A Big Thanks

I can't go without thanking my Vanner Vanner Family Channel Partners that support me via Patreon and YouTube monthly, as they are the reason this platform exists.

I am so THANKFUL to them and am proud to partner with them to help the nomad community.

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